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Even death can Die
Hello, My name is Leah. This is my blog about fashion in Second Life. Enjoy Your stay.

Hair: Pelle - Kira  hair black [Pelle]

Skin: Lara Hurley Skin-Happy Valentine’s Day Gift [Lara Hurley]

Eyes: .ID. Prim Base/CLEAN [.ID.]

Lipstick: {Tilly} - Multi-Colored Lipstick Basics - Black

Face plugs: [AdN] BABYDOLL Face Plug with piercings

Necklace: Vexiin Rope Chain ::Group Gift:: 

Ring: Vexiin 1990 Ring ::Group Gift:: 

Jacket: ~ l p t ~ Pastel Biker Jackets - Lilac [ ~l p t ~ ] [tysm <3]

Top: ~ l p t ~ Bad Crop [ ~l p t ~ ] [tysm <3]

Shorts: . AUTOPSY . Shorty Dont Touch Black

Shoes: Paperbag. Back Away Boot [Paperbag]

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